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Web Conferencing December 30, 2006

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web conferencingConferencing was confined to discussions within the message board. The people used to share their ideas and interact with each other by posting and sharing messages. The modern idea of Web Conferencing has changed to live consultation, where the people interact with each other, live, via Internet. The history of Web conferencing in last few years has become very prominent since Microsoft and IBM held its development and. ‘Net meeting” is a known term now. In 2006, the concept of Web Conferencing has become very popular and widely accepted by others for richer live communications all around the world, via Internet.

One of the main and basic features of Web Conferencing is “screen sharing.” In screen sharing, the participants can see the presenter’s screen.

Other features include:

  • Slide presentations (Power Point).
  • Spreadsheet.
  • Web co-browsing.
  • Annotations.
  • Sharing of Files.
  • Message or Text Messages.
  • Survey
  • Polls.

Web conferencing is held live mainly through text chat and sometimes through voice communication, if needed. Recently, the Web Conferencing is likely to incorporate VOIP and live video via web cam. Most of the soft wares are designed in such a manner that it can save the live conferences for later playback. Web Conferencing software is Application Sharing.

Webinar: Webinar is a part of Web Conferencing and a kind of seminar, which is held and conducted over the web. Webinar is held live like any other normal meeting and has both starting and rap up time. Webinar is designed in such a way so that both the presenter and the participants can communicate live. The word ‘webinar’ is an example of Portmanteau combining the words web and seminar.

Thus, the concept of Web Conferencing is very simple and has a great application power. The technology has made the world a very small and better place to live in.

Press Release: New Study Reveals Small Business Considers Web Conferencing More Vital.

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