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Tough Competitors are set to out an out Google! January 6, 2007

Posted by misti in Search Industry News.

Powerset Inc, an emerging search engine company, is now ready to out an out Google-The Big Boss! It aims to deliver quality and better answers by trying to create a ‘natural language’, than any other search engine, including Google. Even Google continues to outmaneuver its search rivals; specially Yahoo and MSN, there are plenty of other new comers like Hakia, Chacha and Snap These upcoming companies are trying to beat the ‘giant’ at its own game. In addition, a web based Encyclopedia plans to develop a search engine that would be developed by some talented programmers.

These competitors have made believers of Silicon Valley Investors whose fate lights up identifying the next best thing. According to Charles Moldow, a partner at Foundation Capital said “There’s definitely a segment of the market that thinks we are crazy. In 2000, some people thought Google was crazy.” Silicon Valley is filled with start-ups whose main business proposition is to be brought by Google, Yahoo or MSN. Primarily, innumerous of start-ups rely mostly upon Google’s powerful advertising system and ultimate traffic driver. So there is no denying fact that Google is a great business model. It has proved that search linked to advertising is a very large and lucrative business and each one of us want a piece of it as Google’s stated mission is to organize all of the world’s information If u ask a teenager what Google is…then he definitely be able to comment on it, not in detail but some idea. That is the power of Google! According to Esther Dyson, a well-known technology investor and forecaster “Google equals money equals search equals search advertising; it all gets combined as if this is the last greatest business model”. Yes, it may not be the last but definitely one of the greatest business models. Google has only one tough competitor and that is Google itself.

Not quite sure of the fact how would Powerset, Hakia, Chacha, Snap, Wikia Inc. would perform in future days…may be and hopefully they would do better but Google is true Champion.

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