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Viral Web Marketing January 9, 2007

Posted by misti in Viral Marketing.

viral-marketingViral Marketing is web based surreptitious or secret marketing. Viral Marketing is a kind of marketing technique (trick to find pre-qualified sales leads) that helps the marketer to collect leads from different fields. It gives a unique kind of feeling to particular consumer. The customer gets excited and conveys the contact information to the respective company. Viral marketing’s goal will lead the prospect to invite friends, colleagues to get the email ids, to improve the number of sales leads. So, it can be also considered as a marketing technique to improve brand awareness, through self-duplicating process. Any business firm has to spend a quite a heavy amount on advertisement but with viral marketing, the cost and time is relatively low, compared to other forms of marketing.

In buzz marketing, the advertiser reveals information about the product or service to only a few “knowing” people in the target audience. The consumers are flattered by the word of mouth campaign and the advertiser pretends to the consumers that those “customers” are included in the “elite panels.” Hence the customers’ feels privileged and willingly spread the word to their friends and colleagues about the company or directly forward the contacts to the company itself. This is how a company promotes its products and services via Buzz Marketing. There are Four basic Elements which would help a business firm to deliver more quality and powerful results. The strategies are as follows: 

1. Give away products and services for “free,” and grab the attention. Inexpensive or cheap are help but ‘free’ would prove better. Let the people use your products and services.
2. Viral Marketing provides effortless transfer of message. These techniques are much more effective on web as instant communication is possible at less time and less cost. Therefore, your message should be short, simple, and effective. 
3. Greed drives traffic. So, use your intellect to exploit the human emotions in a very professional manner.
4. Use the power of Human network. For instance, the different Survey Websites which ask visitors to have a say on the products and services they use of a particular companies. They are only concentrated in collecting contacts from each individual online visitor, to increase their sales leads.

These elements really work as wonders. If you want to succeed, just follow these and at the end of the day you could be the real winner.

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