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ChaCha.com – Real time human-powered search engine January 12, 2007

Posted by profitimo in Search Industry News.

The upcoming, real time human-powered search engine ChaCha, has received $6.1 million as it uses paid researchers that acts as virtual reference librarians, Co-founded by Scott A. Jones and Brad A. Bostic in 2006. It is led by Bezos Expeditions along with participation from Rod Canion (Founding CEO of Compaq Computer ) , Jack Gill (Silicon Valley investor), and recent partner at Maven Ventures.

ChaCha is only and the first search engine company that offers to options for searching- one via an instant message chat with a real time human assistor, and the other with the instant search results including instantaneous user-ranked results. It provides the best search results other than any search engines. The most best thing about ChaCha is – At ChaCha, if you are not satisfied with the search results (from instant search results), if you are frustrated and got struck somewhere unsatisfied, the Chacha team connects you to the live human guide or assistor in real time to resolve your search queries. It connects users live to the person to assist you in the search levels. (100% satisfaction), FREE. Thus, it is the combination of both Technology and Human Brain Power. In 2006, Chacha is rated as #1 search engine. Even ChaCha is posing threat to the giant search engine Google and is trying to beat the company at its own game.

Investors includes Bezos Expeditions (investment company of Jeff Bezos), Jack Gill (venture capitalist and co-founder of Vanguard Ventures), Simon Equity Partners (Simon Property Group-largest publicly traded retail real estate company in North America), Don Aquilano (Managing Director at Gazelle TechVentures), Rod Canion (Founding CEO of Compaq Computer)

More than 20000 people have signed up to be guides and at a very quick pace, Chacha has generated user traffic rate than any other search engines of first generation. Hi, Google ,Yahoo and Microsoft…we guys will have a tough time …really!



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