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Combat Spam Effectively! January 23, 2007

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spam emailSpam is multiple copies of a single message. Spamming is done mostly for advertisement, marketing, and get rich quick schemes. There are two types of spams – one is Cancelable Usenet Spam and other is Email Spam. The former is sending similar mails to more than 20-25 Usenet newsgroups and the later one is sending mails to individuals by direct mail. To avoid the rising frequency of Spam mails, Spam Filters are used to filter mails to your inbox. A Spam filter not only checks out and filters mails in your inbox, but also re-assures, and helps you to avoid getting your mails blocked on the receiver’s end i.e. to the person whom you are sending the mails. Nowadays, the problem of Spam mails are growing chronic as mostly all of us receive 90% spam mails in our mail folders, daily. So most of us are using some kind of Spam filters to try and stop receiving those mails.

recent spam outbreaks.

Types of Spam 


  top spamming domains     

According to stats, in 1999, an average customer received 40-50 Spams daily. The researches said that by 2007, it would cross more than 2500 mails per mail account. 

top spam sending countries

It’s fine on our end as we feel content about the fact that at least we can report it as Spam or abuse. Well, we all know that Spam’s are real threat to us. Alternatively, we can say, the impact varies from person to person. We will just have to mark it as Spam and that is it. But what if the mails that we send, gets blocked by Spam filters on the receivers end? Certainly, we do not get to know whether the mails we are sending are really getting stored in the inbox. So, if it gets listed as a Spam mail, it would definitely harm our business and goodwill in the market and we may lose it altogether. To avoid having your mail blocked by the Spam filters, just follow the key basic techniques. When you write some mails: 

1. Always use small fonts. Try and minimize the use of Caps, colored fonts.
2. Try and avoid using HTML text. Instead use Plain text. You can find settings there.
3. Always write the subject “Short, simple and sweet”. Be specific and to the point. Do not ever use long and undisruptive subject.
4. Do not send any attachment with the mail. These may be interpreted as mail attachment with ‘virus’.

Stop Spam’s!

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1. Tim Carly - January 24, 2007

Omg! check spam mails jumped alot late last year!

2. Coenraad de Beer - February 13, 2007

This is the biggest problem caused by spam these days. Where I live you cannot even use your cellphone’s GPRS to send e-mails because the service provider is listed spam blacklists like Spamcop and Spamhaus, due to abuse of their networks. But spam is not only causing innocent people getting blocked, I have to pay bandwidth for every byte of data of spam I have to download, so simply ignoring spam (or filtering it with a spam filter) surely deals with the annoying part of spam, but it certainly does not put the money wasted on spam bandwidth back into my pocket. Here is my take on what needs to be done to combat spam:


3. JustinL - February 16, 2007

Coenraad, I totally agree with you! With all the good things from the internet, there is always the ugly side.

I have keeping track of the effectiveness of my spam box for my email provider which uses a Bayesian filter. It seems like a game of cat and mouse. As soon as the spam filter catches up with the spammers, the bad guys would come up with a new way to get their emails to the inbox. from my experience, no matter the frustration, as a good netizen, we should Always flag Bad emails as Spam and unflag the good ones that get trapped in the spam box.

Check out my google spreadsheet that i keep track of the spam effectiveness.


Justin Lim

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5. GeseeHofhon - October 26, 2008

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