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How Spywares, Adwares and Malwares do affects your PC? February 1, 2007

Posted by misti in malware, Search Engine Optimization, software, spyware, Video, Youtube.

I can’t survive without my computer and Internet. It’s because I love my computer as others does. Be it any profession, or any work the utility factor of a computer is unparallel, unmatched! In this modern Web-age, we are pretty informed about the computer’s age. Computer is my best friend and I am very serious about its health. So, we would certainly not want our computer to fall victim to the so-called viruses, Spywares, Adwares and Malwares.The Statistics shows how each day, these are becoming much prominent. We, the net users, certainly know or heard about Viruses, Spywares, Adwares and Malwares, that affects our PC. Definitely, these are not the “Well-Wishers” of computers, and so we need to know the harm done by these “Enemies in Disguise”.

Spywares: The software that explicitly collects the user’s information, without the individual’s knowledge, basically for advertisement purposes. A PC gets infected with Spywares when we download other free softwares. So, I suggest reading the ‘License Agreement’, carefully before doing any act.

Adwares: Another form of Spywares those are responsible for annoying pop-ups. Moreover, these Adwares secretly gets installed into your PC for advertisement and ‘hijacks’ the links in WebPages (just changes the path of the website links)

Malwares: Malwares can be called as ‘Junior Malicious software’ that causes serious damage to your PC like a Virus does. It slows down and hangs up the running programmes of the computers like anything.

The most alarming and frightful point about Spywares is that its acts as a secret agent (spy) and secretly collects the personal information like e-mail addresses, passwords and credit card numbers. Additionally, these spies the files on your hard disk, cookies, instant messenger (IM) and so on. So, in order to save your PC from harmful “Enemies”, please:

1. Avoid installing Free Softwares Downloads.

2. Do not ever open attachments from unknown sources or attachments

3. Scan downloaded files from the Internet before using them .

4. Ensure that your virus pattern files are updated.

5. Confirm that your computer has latest security updates.

6. Scan your computer on a regular basis along with diskettes, CD’s and any other removable media before using them.

7. Download Yahoo toolbarwhich prevents the Spywares to spy on you personal identification .

Hope you do well with your PC. Thanks



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