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Massive DDOS attack today! February 7, 2007

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Just as I wrote about DDOS attacks last Friday (read here) and here we go! The biggest DDOS attack since 2002 when it made headlines across the board today. 13 servers that manage the world’s Internet traffic were hit by a denial of service attack brought three servers to a snail pace.

“Today’s attack nearly matched the 2002 incident in terms of strength, but surpassed the old attack in sophistication…The servers didn’t go down this time because of the significant increase in computing power in the last four years and because the roots defenses have been heavily beefed up since then” notes Ben Petro, a senior VP at NeuStar Inc.

Apparently the attack took place between 5:30 and 10:30 EST and there’s speculation that they servers attacking where coming from South Korea.

Did you know that no one company/agency controls all 13 root servers (root-servers.org). Some are run by universities and one by the U.S. Department of Defense. The roots are central machines on the domain name system (DNS) that help directs where to get the information the moment you type a site like www.profitimo.com on your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.

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1. justin - February 11, 2007

Interesting update on this issue..

“How the Net beat a hack attack
Your computer may have helped a bid to bring down the Web but the Internet fought back ” (Globe and Mail)


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