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Is Google Earth Posing threat to World peace? February 8, 2007

Posted by misti in News, Search Engine Optimization, Search Industry News, Technology, Video.

Google Earth was previously known as “Earth viewer” and was developed by Keyhole. Inc in 2004. It was renamed as Google Earth in 2005. Google Earth is the unique combination of images, complex Geographical locations and Google Search itself. No matter where you are, if you need any kind of information, just type in the search box and click “Search”-and the results will be shown on your PC .It lays down earth’s images that are obtained from satellites aerial photography and GIS over 3D globe. It offers maps and satellites images for complex search.

There is no ignoring point Google is a “Big Brand” but Google Earth may prove threatening to the national security of any country in future. I think Google earth’s images are quite useful to all of us but these “us” includes terrorists too. They quietly tracks, identifies and views the important areas and finally plans to have a blast on those places. The satellite images, aerial photography’s are the key sources which helps the terrorist to track the important places and attempt an attack to the planned destination (How Google Earth Works)

On that context, there had been several discussions regarding Google Earth’s images, not only in India but worldwide, terrorism is widely spread .Indian Ministers are very much concerned about the national security of the country . The controversy gained momentum after the government expressed opinions over the Google Earth’s images. India’s President Mr. Kalam expressed his concerns over Google Earth for providing detailed and unhindered view of sensitive and important Indian establishments. So GE officials agreed to blur/alter the concerned websites.  At the recent meeting, it was decided that installations identified by the Government would be carefully camouflaged.. Both Google officials and government of India agreed that Google Earth would provide certain data to the government. Indian Satellites do provide valuable information to quite a number of images but the network is not as dense as officials want it to be.

The question is about security, security and security. Who knows, which country would be the next victim…



1. Stephen - February 8, 2007

U.S military have satellites watching the world for many years now. Now, that this info becomes widely available only levels the playing field for all – I think no single country should have so much fire power.

Hopefully, more good than bad comes out from this. For example, high-school student today can easily measure deforestation in the Amazon by watching satellite maps.

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