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Gmail for everyone ! February 16, 2007

Posted by misti in News, Search Engine Optimization, Search Industry News, Web Traffic.

No more restrictions! Google’s free email service will let off its “invitation-only” policies from now on. This news was declared on 14th of Feb 2007-The Valentine’s Day. Gmail is now open to all worldwide. No longer will invitations be required to sign up with Google’s free mail service. Previously, account with Gmail was a limited concept as one had to invite the other to help the latter get sign up with Gmail account. Inspite of such restrictions, Gmail proved itself that it is as much popular as  Google.com, mail.live.com , yahoo.com, msn.com .The statistics itself is its evidence (exclusively for gmail users ). Now with all restrictions lifted, the world can access Gmail for the first time, without any invitations formalities. Gmail can be accessed worldwide for the first time since Google concealed the service on April fool’s Day-2004. Go get your long awaited Gmail now!

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1. google rocks - February 18, 2007

woo hoo! finally i have my friends stop pestering me for gmail invites!

thanks for the update 🙂

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