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How to make Good Money with Your Cam Videos ? February 18, 2007

Posted by misti in Internet, Search Engine Optimization, Technology, Video, Youtube.

Shoot a video, upload it in Ad Revenue Sharing Sites like Youtube, Google, SplashCast, DailyMotion, Revver and many more and earn revenue. Wonder if you are day dreaming? No, you are not. Earning revenue is going to be as easy as it sounds .Just follow these simple steps …..and your done.

  1. Upload your web video to video sites. (An advertisement will be added along with your video by the respective company).

  2. Do place affiliate links in your Video files.

  3. Try to upload an interesting videos. If you place a good and informative videos, you may get sponsors for your video.
  4. Get clicks and track your video’s performance and credit your account with the revenue you earn.

So, you are in a great position to earn lots of extra money online. Many people are already earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a week, just for taking pictures or shooting videos and uploading them to the Internet. Technology is getting better day by day.You don’t need expensive equipment, and you don’t even need any experience as such. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s profitable. So, go on making money for may be years to come, even if you stop uploading or sharing your web files.

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1. Heartspring.net - February 18, 2007

I’m an uploading member of both Youtube and Google Video and at the moment there’s no revenue sharing. The question is… When exactly will the Youtube and GV start sharing money? Weeks? Months? On the other hand SpyMac is currently making payouts. I uploaded a video to Spymac a couple of days ago and no money so far, we’ll see. http://www.spymac.com/details/?1817052

2. Joysie - February 18, 2007

Wow! i never knew Spymac has money sharing thing going on! tanks for the link Heartspring… here’s what i found

” We pay out daily and monthly jackpots to the uploaders who contribute the coolest and most popular stuff…We’ve developed a complex algorithm that determines who uploads the best content of the day and month’

I wonder if this is SCAM!!! anyone out there made money on this before… I need proofs!


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