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Few Minutes to Know Search Engine Market share of your Competitor ! February 19, 2007

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Want to measure search engine market share? Use marketwise (a handy tool to measure the search engine market share).For any kind of search, be it ex-phrase match, broad match, and exact match, keywords are indispensable. Keywords are the words that helps us to find answers. If we want to find any information, we just have to type those  keywords (of course related with the information I want to find), in the search section of the search engine and we will find relevant links of websites matching those keywords. SEO tools like Page rank, Link popularity are useful for measuring search engine rankings and such rankings are based on keywords. So, keywords play a key role in calculation of market share of any site. MarketWise measures a site’s search engine market share and the market share of its competitors. In business, we all want to reach the acme.

I understand that to know any business you need to know your competitor pretty well . So, always be prepared with the comparative studies of the competitors i.e to see where you really stand, where you played lose shots and what the future prospects are. 

Marketwise is the just the exact arena where we get to know our competitors well. I think marketwise really provides a good value to any webmaster. Market wise has been developed to provide an insight to the website owner so as to where have a mere glance over their business and compare its growth with other competitors. This is a really GREAT tool in your hands where you get to know  :

Your and your competitors’ market share.
Your Competitors’ PPC Traffic.
Keywords that generates and drives more Traffic.

So Act Now…
For example, let us consider a site http://www.quantcast.com Just a brief introduction- The world’s first open internet ratings service,Quantcast.com,is now helping numerous number of advertisers and publishers to understand the internet audiences.
How you can participate ?

Step 1-Enter the url

Step 2- Define your market

Step 3-Get you most awaited market share

Join Free Trial –  So Get started

Can’t see your site listed ? Visit FAQ’s

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1. John Weddelstock - February 21, 2007

Good site. Showed me a list of my competitors and their market share. And it’s free… Why?

2. Maynah - February 22, 2007

I hope it’s free…internet should always be free…:) hehe but I do agree..lots of good info.

any good site to check out quantcast.com

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