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Shutdown your computers on 24th March-2007 February 27, 2007

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Hey! Are you a Computer & Internet worm? Really can’t do without your computer? Have you ever thought of a day without computers? NO? Then here it is – Shutdownday celebrates Shutdown day on 24th March 2007, where each computer user will witness a day without their best friend–The Computer. Guess what would be the feeling  if you shutdown your computer for 24 hrs….can u really survive without it?Be it any work, computers are indispensable both for now and in coming future . So, people may find life very difficult and even impossible without computers.

Shutdownday.com has put up an effort to experiment with the fact “If computers disappear just for one day, what would be the reaction on our part?” Would we be able to cope? Well, for that you yourself would be the best judge. So Shutdown your computer on 24 th March 2007, and feel the difference.

How can you participate?

Participating is very easy. Just visit Shutdownday and comment….thats all 🙂

 So gear up, let’s participate!

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