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Disruption in Marketing March 15, 2007

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The word ‘disrupt’ means to interrupt, break apart and to bring disorder to the usual normal workings. We believe in simple reality that success cannot be gained by imitating others. It’s really foolish of us to expect diversified results by repeating same thing over and over. In order to stand unique, we must stand out, we must disrupt! So, Disruption in marketing is slightly a different issue altogether. Here, Disruption is considered an effective tool ensuing positive results for an organization. It’s like a state of mind to respond to the challenges that comes in one’s way. It’s a collaborative effort of a mannered team to fetch solid and lucrative results. 

What are the warning signs of Disruption?

  • No reaction in the market for the new products and services on offer.
  • Price becomes very major issue.
  • The growth becomes stagnant and wide gap is created.
  • Merging becomes the only available option for the growth of any organization.

Disruption in marketing is like challenging the revealed ‘conventions’ of the business accepting the whole facts and treating it boldly with new ideas, concepts and strategies.

Disruption can take place in any forms of business, at any levels. So the management has to stand up along with new creative ideas, visions, and to implement the same.

Benefits of Disruption

  • High growth in revenue.
  • High value to customers.
  • Sustainable high return on investment.
  • Collaborating management teams.

Some case studies on Disruption

amazon.jpgAmazon.com: In past, online shopping was not popular. People were skeptical about the truth of online shopping. Concerns popped-up into their minds “Are online shopping reliable enough? Is it Scam? Can online shopping be relied upon?”

The conventional thinking: It’s better to shop from the retail stores.

The Disruption: Most of us are aware of Amazon.com. It’s an online store where we can buy products by sitting at our homes. This “shop from home” idea greatly differs to a great extent from mere conventional retail shopping by visiting individual shops to buy products. Its obvious that  the prospective cannot have the personal touch with the product (s) he intends to buy at that particular point of time, but they can buy the best, high-valued products online, right from their homes. So, that’s the power of disruptive marketing.

The truth: In recent times, Amazon.com’s service showed a tremendous growth to satisfy its customers and that’s the reason we customers feel self-contented with the products that we buy online, and that too without any hesitation.

apple.jpgApple iPod: Since the Digital music came into existence, the piracy started. People began to steal music and the whole music industry was in a mess.

The conventional thinking:  It was concluded that Digital music doesn’t work for the fact that music industry witnessed a perpetual illegal stealing of songs, music and file sharing. The sales were down and no one could figure out what to do with the digital music. When all were busy with such controversies, Apple.com innovated a solution for everyone where each one of us can buy, share and manage digital music, including PC users. But how would we get people to listen?

The Disruption: Well survey was made for the mentioned controversy and Apple found that the ultimate solution is to unite music and not to divide it. We all love music. So, we all should celebrate the charm of digital music and not to pesk it with wrong inferences. iPod and the iTunes Music Store are the symbols of Digital Music revolution. So buy, manage and share great music and enjoy it.

The truth: Music is the ultimate thing that matters. Apple is here to re-integrate the music lovers without any misuse and mess in the new and unique Music World.

The world is changing rapidly. So to manage this changes, disruption is essential for an organization to be in the right track. So, keep getting best answers to sustain the future of your business in long term.

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1. Marikaziy - March 22, 2007

Hey thanks for this article! i learn some new stuffs today! The free downloads are good reads too.


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