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Play Safe while blogging,Work smarter with Blogging Policies! March 22, 2007

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Corporate Blogging.Blogs are simple web logs. It is a kind of user-friendly guide that helps in interaction to enhance internet marketing. Blogs enable people to join as members, create, and publish their diary entries. Blogs are a tremendous promotional tool for a business . In every blogs, we find frequent updates in the forms of new columns and post. The posts are written in such a way that it reflects the personal elements of a company.The blogs are made with encouraging words that attracts online visitors and consequently they become repeated visitors to your website. Due to frequent visits, the visitors get to know you on a more personal level and thus a rapport is built between two. By time, a comfort zone is created and the visitors becomes familiar with your business and products and becomes your customers. We all want to transact with  the person we know and a blog helps to develop that trust in you and your products and services. Thus, this is how blogs are used to create and produce leads in online promotion.

In the modern age of Web2.0, blogging is highly acclaimed. So, as a consequence, personal blogging can be a problem for corporate staffs. Few companies  have official blogging policies and so it is very important to ensure that personal blogging don’t create troubles in the company. In order to avoid such conflicts, it is always advisable :

1. To cross check and update yourself with  the corporate policies (Blogging policies), if any. Be very careful not to violate or disclose any sensitive information through your private blogs unknowingly.

2. Not to  reveal your name or your company’s name in your personal blogs. If you do disclose, others are more likely to track it out ,which is not good for you or your Company.

3. To share your personal images to the minimum extent in your blogs.

4. To use your free time in your blogs. Try to avoid preparing blogs using companies corporate tools and network. It is always safe and secure to post your blogs.

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