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Hey You Tube Users! Get set to vote best Videos on You tube! March 23, 2007

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Recently, the Giant Video-sharing website announced about YouTube Video Awards ever. It will reward the Best videos of 2006 in seven individual categories. These are
1. Most Creative Video of 2006.                   
2. Most Inspirational Video of 2006
3. Best Comic Video of  2006.
4. Best Series of the Year 2006.
5. Most Popular Musician of the Year 2006.
6. Most Adorable Video Ever of 2006.
No doubt about the fact how popular Youtube is! This news is a tremendous extinguisher to develop and create interest to its end and potential users and help it become much more popular (statistics shows around 70 million videos [on average] are viewed each day, on the website). Earlier in the year, Youtube announced to share profits with its uncountable number of online users and now it’s rewarding their talent. We can’t ask much better than this, can we?

The head of Product Marketing at Youtube, Jamie Brown said “We wanted to call out some of the most popular videos and let the users choose which ones deserve some additional recognition”. The selected nominations would be compiled in a gallery at YTAwards. The community members of Youtube can cast vote for their favorite video(s) with the public ballot closing on Friday. The winners chosen out this public ballot will be announced on 25th of March 2006. These winners will be awarded trophy, specially designed for Youtube. Well, it is not revealed whether YouTube will continue awarding videos in future years or not, but YouTube sensations will soon get an opportunity to walk down the virtual red carpet this year .This award ceremony is a kind of encouragement and a booster to the future of Video talents. In the present world of online videos, Youtube is a real web sensation, a real winner. Lets move along with the Champion….its equivalent to Google’s popularity in the Online-Video world.

How you can vote for your most favorite Video on YouTube?
It’s simple! Just visit YTA and Vote. Thts it . Have fun and feel privileged as your vote will matter to make the right choice out of the millions
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1. Justin Lim - March 26, 2007

hahaha! I had a good laugh watching the first youtube. 🙂

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