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Google offers colorful graphics March 27, 2007

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Hot news! Google is offering a new option that plants its Web search box in panoramic settings that change with the time of day and the outside weather. The colorful graphics represent the latest bizz of pizzazz to be served up on Google’s home page as the company caters to the digerati who want to customize everything. 

While most of Google’s users remain content seeing little more than the company logo and search box, others have created a log-ins that enable them to select from a variety of features that appear with each visit. These additional bells and whistles, introduced nearly two years ago, include stock quotes, local weather and news headlines. The Vice-President of search products and user experience Ms. Marissa Mayer said “Google’s new package of decorations are designed to make the home page feel even more homey. Google has become the doorway to the Internet for many people, the company wants to make the site “feel more like an online living room.” She futher added “ The designs also will contain hidden surprises known as “Easter eggs” that will open up with an opportune click at the right time of the day.” Well she did not disclose any of the surprises, but indicated they will definitely people in the tech-world with humuor mixed-graphics!

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1. Justin Lim - April 4, 2007

Nice feature from Google but it’s over rated…personalization has always been there…look at myYahoo and MyMsn…i think only small % of ppl uses it only…

Sides they are just catching up with the other guys.

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