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“Organic” or “Natural” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) April 4, 2007

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While searching some thing on the search engines, you will find two sets of search results. There is a main set down the middle of the page and then depending on the search engine, another set of results down the side and/or along the top. The main sets are called organic as the search results displays the most relevant search matching the search keywords. Organic or Natural SEO helps and enhances a particular website to be popular with cost effective measures. It is accomplished by optimizing its webpages and by improving the inbound links by purchasing links that point to your domain. It is one of the methods adopted by search engine marketing which helps you to get higher rankings in Search engine result pages.

The Search engine Optimization firms usually falls in two groups. These are “White hat and Black hat”. Now let us evaluate these two forms of company briefly:

A). “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization company: SEO companies under this group abides by the proper rules and regulations while performing SEO services. These firms usually use large content based approach. To be more precise, practitioners creates content for its users and not search engines. It ensures that the content is the only issue to be looked about (read indexing) by the search engine spiders and users and then rank them accordingly.

B). “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization company: SEO companies under this group generally violates proper rules and regulations issued by the major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN while performing SEO services. These firms usually use large technology driven approach.

Both SEOgroups use different strategies to aim and reach the same unique goal.i.e. Higher Search Engine Rankings. Search engines mostly penalize sites when it finds them using Black Hat methods. The points of difference between Organic SEO (White Hat SEO) and Black Hat SEO are:

1. Content is the KING: Why search engines are important? What do we really want from these search engines? The answer is “Information”. We are not at all bothered about ‘looks’ of any website when information in the form of content comes first. If that had been the case, Google had not been the greatest of the search engines because Google pages are very very simple. So, its information, information and information that matters than anything else. So the firms practicing “organic SEO” will go for addition of values to the content to make the information more productive and worthwhile. The firms practicing black hat seo will concentrate more on technical issues and use some unethical practices to deceive the search engines for gaining higher rankings. These group of Seo mainly use tricks and  unacceptable technical methodologies that includes cloaking, redirects, hidden links, multiple sites, keyphrase stuffing and many others unethical practices.

2. Links: Links are indispensable for any website. It’s like “Vitamin” for the any domain. A website cannot grow or flourish without good and relevant inbound links. Both forms of SEO groups concentrate on building inbound links but following different practices. The organic SEO concentrates to improve the quality of the website to attract more inbound links towards it for better and higher SE results. The black hat group concentrates on getting more links from other website without improving the quality of the own website itself. The black hat group literally follows some illegal practices like purchasing of text links, reciprocal links schemes without notifying, paying or asking the website owner and without reciprocating links.

3. Creating valuable, informative and useful resource: The search engines change the algorithm most frequently for deleting sites that are ranked higher (Artificial sites), and improving their results concluded on the basis of current users record. Change in algorithm troubles the black hat groups the most than the Organic SEO groups. This is because the black hat seo practitioners concentrate more on technical loop holes, and tricks that shutters down with the shift of algorithm in search engines. As a result, these tricks no longer work for them and they had to find new scopes and re-discover a new illegal idea to put its website on top, by deceiving the search engines. On the other hand, the organic SEO practitioners is not affected much with this type of change and can regain its position by creating some valuable content to its website in few time.

4. Learning and implementation: Organic SEO is all about learning, discovering, experience and implementation while Black hat is all about exploiting them. Organic Seo is all about internal and external research of the behavior of the websites over a longer period of time. Organic SEO is all about learning and experimenting of the behavioral approach of any websites. Black hat SEO has nothing to do with all these studies. They just concentrate on finding new avenues of tricks and unethical issues and implementing them for higher rankings. They merely like exploiting rather than studying and starts a new project when the recent one fails.

Is there any difference between Organic SEO and simple SEO?

No, there are no such difference between Organic SEO and Simple SEO. Both are same with different names. SEO are necessary to generate leads (sales), drive huge amount of traffic, to improve the awareness of a customer towards a product, and to enhance good communication and relations amongst public. It is also responsible for identifying the customer’s grievances and unmet demands. Thus, we can conclude the fact that SEO’s necessecity to particular website is enormous and it is indispensable in the modern day

Final word

Organic or Natural SEO enables and ensures that a site is accessible to the search engine and increases the chances of the respective site being found by the search engine. It ranks a website high (by its optimization process) to get more and increased amount of visitors to that particular website. “Merriam Webster defines ‘organic’, in part, as “having the characteristics of an organism: developing in the manner of a living plant or animal.” To a search engine optimization company, this definition accurately describes the approach taken to achieve long-lasting results in the “natural” section of search engines.” SEO is all about “defining and building your website” to the optimum level and that too right from the beginning. Like we human being know what is good and bad for us, same applies to Organic SEO firms that knows pros and cons of ite betterment. It is all about presupposing the facts that how, when and why your potential clients, suppliers, and other important people will use the search engines to find products on offer and more importantly why they will find your website and products, right from the beginning. SEO is all about providing optimized benefits, in the form of refined techniques, that a search engine can offer to your business.

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Excellent post and video. Merry Xmas

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