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Outbreak of Fake WebPages! April 6, 2007

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search-spam.pngThe Microsoft researchers disclosed a complicated and complex scheme in which a small group, creating false doorway pages. The research is the ultimate consequences of the fact that thousands and thousands fake WebPages were multiplying itself to deceive the search engine users day by day. The fake WebPages are created by the small group that works with operators of the web based computers in which the traffic was redirected from search engines in one way and sending the advertisements gained from syndicator’s in the other way.

“A small number of rogue actors who know what they are doing can create an enormous amount of disruption,” said David L. Sifry, chief executive of Technorati, a blog-indexing company that works to keep junk pages of this sort out of its indexes. “It’s sort of like putting a blindfold on you and spinning you around three times and then taking off the blindfold and showing you an ad.” The Microsoft Research team has worked extensively with the managers of Microsoft’s Spaces blog-hosting service to detect and identify search-engine spam, Mr. Wang said. Google would not comment for the record on its own efforts to combat such practices.

Search engine spamming or Black hat SEO is very active and have grown much prominent nowadays. The website owners (under the Black hat SEO groups), uses unethical, objectionable, and illegal techniques to deceive the search engines and get the higher rankings in the Search engine result pages. This a very chronic and pesky dealings of the search engines and is struggling very much to get rid of these spammers and complex groups.

The Microsoft researchers are also startled of the fact that the numerous junk listings were created from just two web hosting business firms. Also, 68percent+ advertisements were rested only by three advertising groups. The researchers also detected the fact that there are more than 30 percent fake web pages are created for the keywords like ‘drugs’ and ‘ring tone’. The average spam density was 11 percent for 1,000 keywords they used in their research.  They considered the large advertising companies guilty for a significant share of spam problem.

“Ultimately, it is advertisers’ money that is funding the search-spam industry, which is increasingly cluttering the Web with low-quality content and reducing Web users’ productivity,” they write in the paper, which will be presented in May at the International World Wide Web Conference in Banff, Alberta. Mr. Wang, group manager and senior researcher for cyber security and systems management at Microsoft, said, “The good guys are part of the problem.”

Search Engine spamming is growing interrupted and would prove a serious threat to the Search engine world in the near future. The overall amount of e-mail spam has more than doubled in the last year, according to Postini, a communications security firm. Everyday, we domestic internet users, get junk mails from different spam source, loaded with malicious softwares. So something need to be done to stop this.

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