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Importance of SEM in making B2B purchase decisions! April 14, 2007

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When we intend to buy any product or services, we do a more of kind of research before deciding upon anything. Researches are done to find the highly optimized quality product and services at minimal costs. Be it a simple grocer Jack to billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, research is opted by every one. To get the most cost-effective sources, we don’t mind spending a bit of our precious time to save ourselves from Big-Expenses. For all these, we use internet, undoubtedly. Now let us shift our frame of mind from individual to big business houses where World Wide Web is used to conduct researches on high scale and parameters. Search engine Marketing plays a significant and indispensable role in B2B purchases.

In search engine marketing, neither the buyer nor the seller is confined to act forcibly. By forcibly I mean, nor the customer will be harassed with un-materialistic, pesky and un-popular ads and neither the good companies have to try to too hard to generate traffic and sales leads for its website. How? Here it goes… Let us first understand what B2B and Search Engine Marketing is and then we shall define the link between them in the modern day purchase-decision making.

What is B2B Purchase?

B2B Marketing is known as Business to business Marketing. To be more precise, B2B is termed as organizational marketing that is directed towards the marketing of goods and services by one organization to another. B2B marketing is about understanding relationships and touchpoints

What is Search Engine Marketing?

B2B transactions differ from most consumer transactions because these decisions require coordination between a numbers of different personnel before the final transaction is made. So there is big gap between researching a product and finalizing the decision to buy it. It has been found that search engines play a very vital role in making B2B purchase decisions.

“The Role of Search in Business to Business Buying Decisions” – Few highlights of a well-designed study of approximately 1500 participants responding to a 40-question survey that was validated with pre-testing before implementation.


Download the entire report for Free!

Following are some important conclusions of the Study:

Source: Search Engine Marketing

Why Search engine marketing is indispensable for B2B Purchase decision?

Search engine marketing is a different concept altogether while making B2B purchase decisions. We have already discussed that in the previous paragraphs. Search engine traffic is very highly targeted because you are able to find more qualified prospects than any other forms of marketing advertisement. In search marketing, the users are a sort of proactive, willing to know about your products and services and selecting the best out of. Thus, the traffic is naturally driven. Search marketing is the result of user-originated behavior. As I said, the buyers are voluntarily clicking your site with the help of search engine marketing. In normal forms of advertisement, you tend to struggle with the competitors. There is cut-throat  competition amongst several companies. But, in Search engine marketing, you will only have to try hard and make your site optimized to get higher rankings n search engines.

So, the ultimate mantra is, get your website highly optimized with refined and modest Search engine Optimization/marketing techniques i.e.  “Defining your website” to the optimum level and that too right from the beginning. It is all about presupposing the facts that how, when and why your potential clients, suppliers, and other important people will use the search engines to find products on offer and more importantly why they will find your website and products, right from the beginning. SEO is all about providing optimized benefits, in the form of refined techniques, that a search engine can offer to your business.

Search engine Marketing is necessary to generate leads (sales), drive huge amount of traffic, to improve the awareness of a customer towards a product, and to enhance good communication and relations amongst public. It is also responsible for identifying the customer’s grievances and unmet demands. Thus, we can conclude the fact that SEM’s necessarily to particular website is enormous and it is indispensable in the modern day business…be it B2B purchase or any other.

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1. praveen - March 22, 2008

yea its true and iam agree that Search engine marketing is indispensable for B2B Purchase decision. there are wide difference of no. of clicks among first three listing. very good information is here.

2. exanido - May 23, 2009

ehh. cognitively..

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