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The Success Mantra for all Search Engine Marketers! April 14, 2007

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 Marketing is the first and foremost method of introducing a product in a market. Unless, marketing and advertisement is done, how the people will get to know about the features and qualities of the product that the producer intends to sell. Offline and online, marketing is the heart of any business as the success of the product entirely depends on marketing. As far as Search Engine Marketing is concerned, from customer’s viewpoint, people are leading a fast life and if they want to buy a product online, to save time, it cannot get better than this. Moreover, from producer’s viewpoint, it ensures that their products are seen and driving potential consumers to their respective sites in a cost effective way.

I consider that successful and effective Search Engine Marketing is rested on 6 advanced steps. These are proven principles, strong and sturdy rules to improve the search marketing campaigns. When we talk about marketing, the thing that comes into our minds is more sales, sales and sales.

Keywords Biz:

First of all, there must a good balance between the volume and efficiency and the keywords bids at each level. Most of the Search Engine Marketing professionals fail to understand the right keywords bids and monitoring the effects. Mostly, the Search Engine Marketers neglects “Keyword bids variable” or fails to accomplish it to its full potential while setting up search campaigns. Moreover, bids are set at a casual and medium estimated level and later on it is forgotten. So, this should not be the usual practice, the Search Engine Marketers should come up with the correct, optimum and refine keywords biz option.

Find the right place, positions for your ads:

You should target the ideal position for your online ad campaign. Most of the SEM professionals must be aware of what is it counts to gain higher positions in Search Engine Result Pages. There are lots and lots of discussion on web nowadays on correct search engine ad places. Positions have a dramatic effect on traffic. The greater the position in SERP’s, the greater are the chances of high and potential sales leads. Each Search Engines differentiates itself on the basis of rankings ads like it does for the websites in Search engine Optimization. Each has a different algorithm to follow. Google rolls up and rank ad listings from right hand column to the top of the main list of the result pages. MSN ad-rankings are some what similar to Google’s while Yahoo duplicates some ads at the end or bottom of the natural listings in the result pages. So, it all depends on the Search Engine Marketer about how to present the ads to attract the eyes of the online visitors. It is very important to choose the “right shot for the right ball”. Its all about getting those ads appear in top SERP’s and driving more traffic to generate potential sales lead.

Correct Optimization:

For a Search Engine Marketer, it is very important to optimize the Ad Copy before placing any. Ad Copy is one of the greatest and dynamic tools in the hands of Marketers to reach the ultimate goal i.e. generating online sales. Optimize your Ad copy stating all your key business aspects. This has to be done very diligently because you need to resize your business goal in the “small textual area” (ad space) available, in a effective and perfect manner. This “small text” will do wonders for your business if optimized properly.

Correct keywords:

Keywords are real “keys of success” for your online business. It is a very well known practice for both SEO & SEM professionals. Choose the right keywords to help your ads find better positioning for good number of online customers. The Right blends of keywords i.e. combination of awareness keywords plus buy-ready keywords, in the right proportion. If you are confused about the “right mix”, then try offline/online content research of your competitor and compare with your content. You can also try the Keywords Suggestion tools. I feel, these are the best option to learn, pick and implement into your online business. Use specialized matching options of keywords. Although, the matching options differ from one search engines to other, follow each search engine’s keyword matching options.

Contextual Campaigns:

Always try to accomplish the contextual campaigns. Contextual Campaigns  means the ads/campaigns always reflect the content of the page on which they are displayed. At the present scenario, the search industry has evolved to a certain level from where the contextual campaigns can be handled independently now on. This includes budgeting, creative treatment and unique tracking and keywords bidding. Organize your Contextual attempts independently from search, differently.

Is “Click fraud” a serious issue?

Click fraud is widely on the note now, in the entire Search Industry arena. Many are involving into this illegal, dishonest and undesirable act to drive up the cost of the marketer. So, as a Search Engine Marketer, you need to monitor those illegal and tricky attempts. Click Frauds can be detected in its initial steps of inception, where you will witness abnormal increase in impressions, number of clicks, discrepancies in the results of search engines and other systems, drop in conversion rates and unjustified and unreasonable rise in costs (rate or volume). When any search engine marketer is met with such conspicuous factors, then his business is caught by “click frauds”. The search engines should be immediately notified regarding such abuses and harassments because nowadays, the search engines have grown very strict on any kind of fraudulent issue. So to avoid any kind of misconception, the search engines should be informed.

Choose the right shot….Start from the Word-GONowadays, the Search Engine Marketers are faced with full pledged competitions and innumerable risky issues but also many opportunities than ever. Each marketer should be ready to face the never-ending challenges along with great, good and innovative tools at their disposal. Optimize your, learning, experiences and failures…You will definitely succeed at each phase of your business commitment. Just stick and follow the above E-Marketing steps and you would be the indispensable for your company, for your business.

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1. tamer - July 11, 2007

this was very helpful info

thank you

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