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How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? April 19, 2007

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In today’s online marketing, Craiglist.org is a growing name. Craiglist is a free classified site with high traffic. Craiglist connects communities with the help of its classified ads format. Craigslist.org was founded in 1996 by Craig Newmark and presently it supports more than 10 million visitors each day. Be it a retail shopkeeper to big business firms, the marketing power of Craiglist.org is re-invented each day.

So, if you have never been known to what Craiglist.org is or how can it influence your business in the right direction, here is the opportunity for you to know Craiglist better and market your products and services profitably.

How can you market successfully with Craiglist.org?

Already I mentioned that Craiglist.org is a good source of driving links and traffic to your business site. Although the listings have a certain time-span, it provides your website with a good bit of traffic with a single ad. It is good for indexing as the Search engines looks for optimized and unique titles. It is very important to place your ad to right category and with unique titles. Learn how to place and optimize your ads. Below listed are some of the optimized ways (tips) to market your products and services and also determine whether it might be a good fit for your business as a whole.

A. Craiglist Connects: Craiglist is the best place for all online marketers. It is one of the best marketing tools in the present and competitive online sector. With Craiglist, you can connect buyers and sellers by posting ads on the site for FREE. The classified advertisement procedure helps sellers to sale regionally. Above all, you can easily publicize an E-Bay Store, or become a franchisee or a referral partner.

B. Craiglist helps to deal regionally: Every business needs right plans, policies, and strategies. These planned procedures needs to be implemented at the right time and in every asked situations. So, Craiglist is of no exception to this. It’s very essential first to identify the market and deal accordingly. As Craiglist helps sellers to deal regionally, the initial step should be selection of right areas to market and promote your products. You need to determine which state or in which city or cities you should be posting your ads. Needless to say, as a seller, you need to develop your services and increase your reach outs towards the people all around the Globe.

C. Optimize your Text Ads: Are you worried about how to build, place, and optimize your ads to get listed in the higher search results in Craiglist? Well, there are 3 inevitable ways.
These are…

Placing ads in Craiglist is very easy like wearing your shirt. Just define your products well in the form of some simple text and keep the sales pitch at the lowest. Optimize your text ads and directly lunge on to the topic straight.

2. If you are worried about the Search Algorithm of the Craiglist, then let me tell you that the Search results are displayed first by Dates and then by keywords or key phrases. There is saying that “Content is the King”. I modify this a bit “Good and rich content is the King”.  Be it search engine, Craiglist or any form of search results, good content the ‘hero’. So, please take care of the content of your text ads and be sure to include search words that defines your business in your text ads including full details of regional identifier e.g. Name of the city, area, community zip code etc..

3. You can also incorporate images, pictures and html tags while building your ads. The best part is, you need not know html for this. It’s very easy and fun. However, images are not at all important when it comes to listing on top search results. The best performing ads on the Craiglist are somewhat plain, simple and optimized text defining itself directly. So don’t at all be bothered or worried about implications of images or tags.

D. Tracking of Craiglist ads: Tracking of Craiglist ads has proved viably good to the existing online marketers. If your business strategy is to post ads to different and multiple areas and offer attractive offers and promotions to your pre-existing customers, then you should go for tracking ads on Craiglist to track ads on Craiglist, please make sure it is related to your business. Craiglist ads can be tracked by e-mail, telephone numbers and website referral and each tracked ads should have a unique unsolicited e-mail address, telephone numbers and website reference code. Craiglist does not help you with any regional or tracking data.

E. Grow your own Community: In every form of business, participation development attitude towards respective community is really important. Craiglist.org is a form of open online market, so you will get to meet with several forms of individuals from different parts of the world. In order to establish an active and esteem voice for your business and to communicate better with your pre-sales leads and other fellow sellers, you should join and interact at Craiglist forums. Business is not only about making profits but also building relationships. It’s like building healthy, sporty competitive relationships with your competitors. You need to know your competitor pretty well to succeed in any form of business. So, you should be committed to your growing community.

F. Prevent Fraud: It’s very important that you should ensure proper and wise selling away from any kind of frauds. Fraud relatively exists in every forms of our life, on ever nook and corner we go. Our business place are the most convenient, lucrative and choice able areas of the spammers to practice unethical and spoilt game. So, you should always remain alert and protect your business from these frauds. It’s recommended to have direct conversations with each and every customer, each time you enter a transaction. Your business is hard-worked earned, so be the best judge of it.

Day by day, Craiglist is updated with modified technology advancements and more and more online marketers have started trusting Craiglist as an ideal business place. Craiglist Org. is the conventional, materialistic online directory especially for the middle class group. It is a new avenue for all marketing affiliates and Web gurus to find the potential customers all around the Globe. This is very trusted site where millions are making daily transactions. Craiglist is on growing note and in the coming future; it will definitely stock its name as one of the greatest online marketing trafficked sites where people can safely and securely make business.

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1. Justin L - April 23, 2007

It’s so True! Content is King is not true anymore in this day of age when websites and infringing on other websites for free content just to drive some quick traffic to get click throughs on Google ads.

I guess Good Content is King is the new mentra!

As well, I heard that Craiglist is among the top most visited sites on the net, however, HAS ANYONE REALLY FIND IT SUCCESSFUL TO SELL STUFFS ON THEIR SITE?


2. Jake - April 26, 2007

You might also want to mention ‘The Unofficial Craigslist book’ in the recommended books section. This book expands on many of the issues you talk about here and offers secrets on how to leverage the power of craigslist for things such as finding out what your competition is doing and what is hot to sell in which areas.

3. Seomul - December 25, 2007

The Guys at Craigslist are just awesome… I meant to provide soooo many services for free (other than some paid services for job posting) is absolutely commendable.

4. PlugBoard - January 1, 2008

Yes well… We shall Not take offence at new year!

5. kays06 - July 4, 2008


Craiglist is a great site .They really support low wage earners in this bad
economy . I salute you craiglist.

6. joe west jnr - September 5, 2008

housing estate management business

7. Jack - September 16, 2008

craigslist have a lot fo spam and they flag correct advertisements. Thats really anoying…
But once i found bokrin.com i stoped using craigslit.

8. How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? « Profitimo.com - Web Marketing Experts « This new feature brings everyone more traffic - November 3, 2008

[…] How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? « Profitimo.com – Web Marketing Experts Blogged with the Flock Browser […]

9. yeko - December 15, 2008

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10. Kae Nyan Saechin - December 25, 2008

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How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? | Profitimo.com – Web Marketing Experts

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