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5minutes Life Videopedia with 5mins.com April 25, 2007

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logo_0.gifI came across a unique site and I want to share this site with others and make them aware how any Business can use it as a marketing tool’! I am talking about 5min.com One of my friends have come across this wonderful, useful, and informative site and asked me to have a see to it. Well, 5min.com is all about “how any Business can use it as a marketing tool”? For instance, you have a problem with your ‘Back pain’ and you need a solution. You can well visit a doctor, but getting appointments are very tough these days. So, you can well visit this site for a permanent solution. In this website you will find short video solutions for every common and practical issue you have and sort that out. This was from the consumers’ point of view. From a company view-point, suppose a company that sells Health Wellness can create a video such as “How to get relief from Back pain” and put their logo in the end to build their BRAND or Reputation. 5min.com is a place where you can share your knowledge and find multiple avenues where you can solve your ultimate needs both as a consumer and as an organization.

Wonder why this website is named as 5min.com? It can be 2mins.com, 10mins.com or any other name. But why only 5mins.com? Well let me tell you that you can find the solution in 5minutes for any problems. Or to be more precise, the solutions are visually explained in just 5 odd minutes. Its vision is very simple. Joining 5min.com is very easy like ‘wearing a cap’. The aim of 5min is to create communal Life Videopedia, share and contribute their knowledge by sharing visual guides covering arts, sports, fashion, business, finance and lots more. With 5mins.com, users round the globe can interact and share their best with each other.

5mins deals with promotion of talents. We all are best in something. So, 5mins.com helps all of us to explore ourselves. The video era of 5mins.com gives us the technological opportunity to share our collective knowledge, experience and gather it onto one platform. Thus, 5min aims to be – a platform for users, a platform for creators, a platform for talent and anyone that has something to teach.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Started now and make belief the world how indispensable you and your knowledge and experience are!! Prove that you are really valuable to others

Explained in 5mins:
About Viral Marketing  

Mountain Bikes Tips  



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