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How can you improve your internal search features? April 28, 2007

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What is good for your site? How should you design and build your sites to drive more traffic to it? What should be your ongoing strategy and how can you improve internal search features to rank well in Search Engine Result Pages? Well, we online marketers are more or less addicted to these questions and each day we struggle with new experiments to make our online business, a successful one.

Suppose you want to find contact information of the owner of the site. It’s very obvious you click and go to the contact information of the site but you get the contact information of the business as a whole and not the personal e-mail ID of the owner. Consequently, you type “Contact  …bla bla bla” in the search box of the website and you may or may not get the needed result.

So, nowadays, the right search is getting critical and troublesome. The online marketers are so much busy with Search engine marketing strategies, that they have really become inattentive towards “Internal Search”. Internal search is a very critical aspect for a website and some serious thoughts are to be given to brighten the future of the website.
The online marketers need to pay much more attention to improve the internal search aspect of the business. Initially I was also not too bothered about my company’s internal searches, before I read the interview of Martin White, Managing Director Intranet Focus and author of the new book ‘Making Search Work. So, I planned to summarize his awesome ideas and strategies regarding Internal Search and its importance

“The last people who understand search are designers,” says Martin White, Managing Director Intranet Focus and author of the new book ‘Making Search Work.’ His clients include Rolls-Royce, Discovery Networks and Oxfam. Mr. White answered how marketers can tweak their internal search functions. These are briefly mentioned below:

1. Become a “Good psychologist cum online marketer”: Firstly, you have to become a “Good psychologist cum online marketer”, to actually read the minds of the online potential customers. Think yourself as a customer (as you are to other industries), and ask yourself how are you going to interact while performing search on the web. Ask yourself about the areas you are interest, and how are you going act while asking questions and most importantly how you will look information on other sites? The whole concept is about “Predict and Win”…i.e. ‘Predict’ the way your online visitors will interact while visiting your site and ‘Win’ them virtually. Remember quality search design starts by creating categories of typical website users.

 2. Turn your Drawbacks as Opportunity: Suppose a customer typed a search query in the search box but ended up with no result(s)!! What should you do then? Should you let your customers go along without helping him/her, or try to retain them by helping them some sort of navigation, other useful links, and feedback form informing the site’s webmaster about such inconvenience? How can you try and use your “Zero result pages” as a great marketing tool? Undoubtedly, the answer is you don’t want to send those users away from your site. Make sure that there are no problems with your search engine.

3. Read the minds of your customers: As I said before, read the minds of your customers: Put the shoes of your customers and place yourself in their position. Use the search terms visitors will probably use. It may happen that your company use a term to define its products and services while the customers use other search terms to find products and services. Always keep in mind that the online visitors are of mixed group. The search queries may include some spelling mistakes, incomplete words and phrases, synonyms and other international search terms. Use your intellect and versatility of your mind and accordingly implement to reach more potential customers. Understand the customer’s, their needs and demands. There are also differences in spellings and accent for the same word. Like people in North America spells ‘color’ and the people of England, India spells as ‘colour’. Here you can see use of same word, same meaning but different spellings. So, to boost up your internal searches, you have to keep all kinds of possible probabilities in mind.

4. Optimization is the key: Have you ever wondered why people, while performing search, rarely look beyond first 2-3 pages of search engine results? Yes, this is because the search engines results pages shows up the quality results in its first two result pages. Also the people, specially the web surfers, have a very short attention period. Who bothers to work more if the result is known far before? So, do not always land up with numerous search results. Provide limited, contextualize, and quality search results to the customers. Optimization is the key.

5. Serve your Customers fruitfully and respect their sense of urgency: Customers are valuable. So while displaying search results for any search query of your customer, organize those search results accordingly. Organize search results by category. Place search results in respective categories. Always look upon ‘Advanced Search’ features options. Make search function user friendly. Help the searchers to save their valuable time by better targeting their searches. Show your online customers how you value them and avoid unnecessary pesky and too technical.

6. Concentrate on the design and layout of your website’s webpage: Looks does matters in anything, be it a person or a material and so website is of no exception. Concentrate on website building. Most of the E-Marketing websites follows vertical list to follow the web-search results but some others lists in horizontal or grid approach. So, always be careful with the page layouts and display options for webpage of your website. Provide the users with the option of  rank result

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