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Outbreak of Fake WebPages! April 6, 2007

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search-spam.pngThe Microsoft researchers disclosed a complicated and complex scheme in which a small group, creating false doorway pages. The research is the ultimate consequences of the fact that thousands and thousands fake WebPages were multiplying itself to deceive the search engine users day by day. The fake WebPages are created by the small group that works with operators of the web based computers in which the traffic was redirected from search engines in one way and sending the advertisements gained from syndicator’s in the other way.
Why the Microsoft Researchers are startled…?


WordPress Security Alert! March 6, 2007

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WordPressReminder: if you’re using the wordpress 2.1.1 software for your blogging tool, upgrade it soon. Apparently, a cracker has managed to access the wordpress servers to modify one of the download files. Read the complete article here on eWeek