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4 Steps to prevent online fraud! April 21, 2007

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Would you ever handover your apartment keys to a unknown person? Not really! The world has grown very small and we are leading a fast life. So, in order to save time, we are really surrendering our “apartment keys” to strangers. Majority of us are now ready to part with their personal details like email Id’s, Passwords, bank account details and likes to the strangers, who they initially think as reliable options. From Call centers to Online Banking, people are falling prey to these Online Frauds. Online Frauds like phishing, pharming and online scams are really a matter of concern to ensure online security. So, instead of ranting about sneaky scams fraudstars pull on us, here are a few quick secured options to ensure security:

4 Steps to prevent online fraud!


How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? April 19, 2007

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In today’s online marketing, Craiglist.org is a growing name. Craiglist is a free classified site with high traffic. Craiglist connects communities with the help of its classified ads format. Craigslist.org was founded in 1996 by Craig Newmark and presently it supports more than 10 million visitors each day. Be it a retail shopkeeper to big business firms, the marketing power of Craiglist.org is re-invented each day.

How can you market successfully with Craiglist.org?

How can you Use “404 Error”, as a Marketing tool? April 17, 2007

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Few months back, I found a 404 error webpage in my own website, while accessing it. Unfortunately, I found my website URL in the search engine result pages, blogs, articles and links backs on other websites. I was unaware about the whole scenario i.e. how did it take place, why my website’s webpage is caught under such 404 error and what are its drawbacks! Well, by doing some of research works, I found 404 Error occurs when your server is unable to find the webpage may be for the reason it’s been deleted, renamed or moved.

How can you use 404 Error webpage to generate profit

The Success Mantra for all Search Engine Marketers! April 14, 2007

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 Marketing is the first and foremost method of introducing a product in a market. Unless, marketing and advertisement is done, how the people will get to know about the features and qualities of the product that the producer intends to sell. Offline and online, marketing is the heart of any business as the success of the product entirely depends on marketing. As far as Search Engine Marketing is concerned, from customer’s viewpoint, people are leading a fast life and if they want to buy a product online, to save time, it cannot get better than this. Moreover, from producer’s viewpoint, it ensures that their products are seen and driving potential consumers to their respective sites in a cost effective way.

Search Engine Marketing…6 advanced steps

Outbreak of Fake WebPages! April 6, 2007

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search-spam.pngThe Microsoft researchers disclosed a complicated and complex scheme in which a small group, creating false doorway pages. The research is the ultimate consequences of the fact that thousands and thousands fake WebPages were multiplying itself to deceive the search engine users day by day. The fake WebPages are created by the small group that works with operators of the web based computers in which the traffic was redirected from search engines in one way and sending the advertisements gained from syndicator’s in the other way.
Why the Microsoft Researchers are startled…?

No more Deception in Matchmaking… ! March 15, 2007

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A leading Chinese matchmaking portal (Baihe.com) will check age, marital status and other personal details of prospective cyber daters against an official database to prevent deception. The portal, Baihe.com will screen its eight million online daters from Sunday against an “ID authentication system”. The system was jointly developed by the website and the ministry of public security.  
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