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4 Steps to prevent online fraud! April 21, 2007

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Would you ever handover your apartment keys to a unknown person? Not really! The world has grown very small and we are leading a fast life. So, in order to save time, we are really surrendering our “apartment keys” to strangers. Majority of us are now ready to part with their personal details like email Id’s, Passwords, bank account details and likes to the strangers, who they initially think as reliable options. From Call centers to Online Banking, people are falling prey to these Online Frauds. Online Frauds like phishing, pharming and online scams are really a matter of concern to ensure online security. So, instead of ranting about sneaky scams fraudstars pull on us, here are a few quick secured options to ensure security:

4 Steps to prevent online fraud!


Outbreak of Fake WebPages! April 6, 2007

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search-spam.pngThe Microsoft researchers disclosed a complicated and complex scheme in which a small group, creating false doorway pages. The research is the ultimate consequences of the fact that thousands and thousands fake WebPages were multiplying itself to deceive the search engine users day by day. The fake WebPages are created by the small group that works with operators of the web based computers in which the traffic was redirected from search engines in one way and sending the advertisements gained from syndicator’s in the other way.
Why the Microsoft Researchers are startled…?

400 e-mails a day! Help! I’m overwhelmed… March 23, 2007

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inbox.jpgI get 400 e-mails a day and that’s not including spams! I need help! If on average, we take 1 minute to handle each of these 400 e-mails, that translates to 6.7 hours a day! Consider that you’re at work 8 hours a day. In other words, you’re really getting paid doing e-mails. Not a bad job! Fear not. As there is a Solution to this information overload.
10 Great tips to managing your Inbox…

Denial of Service Attack (reviewed) February 2, 2007

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It’s been a while since hearing about DDOS attacks in the news lately. Our website bandwidth spiked up over night.  Being concerend, I digged a little research about DDOS attacks and what you can do about it.

DDOS attack Denial of service  

I am writing this blog for many of our readers who are not that tech savvy. I found this great article on Maggie’s Farm that talks about DDOS attacks in layman’s term suited for many web entrepreneurs who know little about the internet.

Find out how to protect your website

Google flagged my site as Badware? January 25, 2007

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What will you do when you site has been flagged as Badware by google?

spyware??Google is always making efforts to protect users from badwares (spyware, adware, malware, etc) by warning people using Google search before they visit sites that are known for distributing such malicious software. However unfortunately, your site may be tagged as such without you knowing it. Your site may in fact be distributing such badware even without your knowledge.


Combat Spam Effectively! January 23, 2007

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spam emailSpam is multiple copies of a single message. Spamming is done mostly for advertisement, marketing, and get rich quick schemes. There are two types of spams – one is Cancelable Usenet Spam and other is Email Spam. The former is sending similar mails to more than 20-25 Usenet newsgroups and the later one is sending mails to individuals by direct mail. To avoid the rising frequency of Spam mails, Spam Filters are used to filter mails to your inbox. A Spam filter not only checks out and filters mails in your inbox, but also re-assures, and helps you to avoid getting your mails blocked on the receiver’s end i.e. to the person whom you are sending the mails. Nowadays, the problem of Spam mails are growing chronic as mostly all of us receive 90% spam mails in our mail folders, daily. So most of us are using some kind of Spam filters to try and stop receiving those mails.

According to the Stats