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The Success Mantra for all Search Engine Marketers! April 14, 2007

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 Marketing is the first and foremost method of introducing a product in a market. Unless, marketing and advertisement is done, how the people will get to know about the features and qualities of the product that the producer intends to sell. Offline and online, marketing is the heart of any business as the success of the product entirely depends on marketing. As far as Search Engine Marketing is concerned, from customer’s viewpoint, people are leading a fast life and if they want to buy a product online, to save time, it cannot get better than this. Moreover, from producer’s viewpoint, it ensures that their products are seen and driving potential consumers to their respective sites in a cost effective way.

Search Engine Marketing…6 advanced steps


Few Seconds to Convert Long URL’s into Short One March 5, 2007

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Have a long URL to post in forums, blogs, articles, e-mail and website pages? The long URL’s usually contains 60 or more odd characters in it. So do you fear to post these long URL’s as these links may overlap and break-up when posted? Feel Relaxed! Fly2.ws helps you to make your long frustrating and annoying URL’s short. It converts any long URL into short one within a few second, and so, you can use those links to post in forums, blogs, articles, e-mail and website pages.

Exclusive features of Fly2

Combat Spam Effectively! January 23, 2007

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spam emailSpam is multiple copies of a single message. Spamming is done mostly for advertisement, marketing, and get rich quick schemes. There are two types of spams – one is Cancelable Usenet Spam and other is Email Spam. The former is sending similar mails to more than 20-25 Usenet newsgroups and the later one is sending mails to individuals by direct mail. To avoid the rising frequency of Spam mails, Spam Filters are used to filter mails to your inbox. A Spam filter not only checks out and filters mails in your inbox, but also re-assures, and helps you to avoid getting your mails blocked on the receiver’s end i.e. to the person whom you are sending the mails. Nowadays, the problem of Spam mails are growing chronic as mostly all of us receive 90% spam mails in our mail folders, daily. So most of us are using some kind of Spam filters to try and stop receiving those mails.

According to the Stats

Viral Web Marketing January 9, 2007

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viral-marketingViral Marketing is web based surreptitious or secret marketing. Viral Marketing is a kind of marketing technique (trick to find pre-qualified sales leads) that helps the marketer to collect leads from different fields. It gives a unique kind of feeling to particular consumer. The customer gets excited and conveys the contact information to the respective company. Viral marketing’s goal will lead the prospect to invite friends, colleagues to get the email ids, to improve the number of sales leads. So, it can be also considered as a marketing technique to improve brand awareness, through self-duplicating process. Any business firm has to spend a quite a heavy amount on advertisement but with viral marketing, the cost and time is relatively low, compared to other forms of marketing.

Four Basic Elements of Viral Marketing…