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The Success Mantra for all Search Engine Marketers! April 14, 2007

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 Marketing is the first and foremost method of introducing a product in a market. Unless, marketing and advertisement is done, how the people will get to know about the features and qualities of the product that the producer intends to sell. Offline and online, marketing is the heart of any business as the success of the product entirely depends on marketing. As far as Search Engine Marketing is concerned, from customer’s viewpoint, people are leading a fast life and if they want to buy a product online, to save time, it cannot get better than this. Moreover, from producer’s viewpoint, it ensures that their products are seen and driving potential consumers to their respective sites in a cost effective way.

Search Engine Marketing…6 advanced steps


Is You Tube in Serious Threats? March 28, 2007

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In order to pose serious threat of competition with you tube, the News Corp and NBC Universal are launching a free online service, very recently. This will feature long movies, video clips from best and popular television networks in numbers. News Corp and NBC Universal are big broadcasting giant and are tie-ing up with AOL, MSN and Yahoo. These rivals of Youtube.com have agreed to share and distribute the video content for this new upcoming venture. It is expected that this new venturing partnership may bring about a major change in the nascent video market. (more…)

400 e-mails a day! Help! I’m overwhelmed… March 23, 2007

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inbox.jpgI get 400 e-mails a day and that’s not including spams! I need help! If on average, we take 1 minute to handle each of these 400 e-mails, that translates to 6.7 hours a day! Consider that you’re at work 8 hours a day. In other words, you’re really getting paid doing e-mails. Not a bad job! Fear not. As there is a Solution to this information overload.
10 Great tips to managing your Inbox…

Get the Rhythm with News On Yahoo! February 27, 2007

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Yahoo is soon going to launch a video project , that will feature a journalist-cum-crooner who will sing the ‘News’. (more…)