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How Craiglist.org can Promote Online Business? April 19, 2007

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In today’s online marketing, Craiglist.org is a growing name. Craiglist is a free classified site with high traffic. Craiglist connects communities with the help of its classified ads format. Craigslist.org was founded in 1996 by Craig Newmark and presently it supports more than 10 million visitors each day. Be it a retail shopkeeper to big business firms, the marketing power of Craiglist.org is re-invented each day.

How can you market successfully with Craiglist.org?


Importance of SEM in making B2B purchase decisions! April 14, 2007

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When we intend to buy any product or services, we do a more of kind of research before deciding upon anything. Researches are done to find the highly optimized quality product and services at minimal costs. Be it a simple grocer Jack to billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, research is opted by every one. To get the most cost-effective sources, we don’t mind spending a bit of our precious time to save ourselves from Big-Expenses. For all these, we use internet, undoubtedly. Now let us shift our frame of mind from individual to big business houses where World Wide Web is used to conduct researches on high scale and parameters. Search engine Marketing plays a significant and indispensable role in B2B purchases.

The Role of Search in Business to Business Buying Decisions

Is You Tube in Serious Threats? March 28, 2007

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In order to pose serious threat of competition with you tube, the News Corp and NBC Universal are launching a free online service, very recently. This will feature long movies, video clips from best and popular television networks in numbers. News Corp and NBC Universal are big broadcasting giant and are tie-ing up with AOL, MSN and Yahoo. These rivals of Youtube.com have agreed to share and distribute the video content for this new upcoming venture. It is expected that this new venturing partnership may bring about a major change in the nascent video market. (more…)

Hey You Tube Users! Get set to vote best Videos on You tube! March 23, 2007

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Recently, the Giant Video-sharing website announced about YouTube Video Awards ever. It will reward the Best videos of 2006 in seven individual categories. These are
1. Most Creative Video of 2006.                   
2. Most Inspirational Video of 2006
3. Best Comic Video of  2006.
4. Best Series of the Year 2006.
5. Most Popular Musician of the Year 2006.
6. Most Adorable Video Ever of 2006.
No doubt about the fact how popular Youtube is! This news is a tremendous extinguisher to develop and create interest to its end and potential users and help it become much more popular (statistics shows (more…)

Get the Rhythm with News On Yahoo! February 27, 2007

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Yahoo is soon going to launch a video project , that will feature a journalist-cum-crooner who will sing the ‘News’. (more…)

How to make Good Money with Your Cam Videos ? February 18, 2007

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Shoot a video, upload it in Ad Revenue Sharing Sites like Youtube, Google, SplashCast, DailyMotion, Revver and many more and earn revenue. Wonder if you are day dreaming? No, you are not. Earning revenue is going to be as easy as it sounds .Just follow these simple steps ….. (more…)

How Spywares, Adwares and Malwares do affects your PC? February 1, 2007

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I can’t survive without my computer and Internet. It’s because I love my computer as others does. Be it any profession, or any work the utility factor of a computer is unparallel, unmatched! In this modern Web-age, we are pretty informed about the computer’s age. Computer is my best friend and I am very serious about its health. So, we would certainly not want our computer to fall victim to the so-called viruses, Spywares, Adwares and Malwares.The Statistics shows how each day, these are (more…)

Congratulations Youtube.com Users! January 31, 2007

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Good News for all Youtube.com Users! The Co-founder and one of the youngest Internet millionaire, Mr .Chad Hurley, declared Youtube will now start sharing revenue with it’s uncountable number of online users. He exactly did’nt revealed how many users might receive or what would be the parameters for payment as such.

The statistics shows…